PASAE Events



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PAST Events

Get a sneak peek into the type of events we hold!

General Events

Fall 2020 Infosession

Learn more about PASAE!

PASAE'ence of Exercise

Learn about the importance of exercise!

PAS'cience of Sleep

Learn more about the Science of Sleep

Bay Area Science Festival

Science of Paper Airplanes

GRE Test Prep with The Princeton Review

Learn more about Grad School!

Fundraising Events

Lumpia Fundraiser

Join us on Sproul for some delicious lumpia!

85 Degree Bakery

Enjoy delicious bread & support PASAE!

Uji Time Fundraiser

Get some dessert and support PASAE!

Chipotle Fundraiser

Enjoy Chipotle and support PASAE!

Professional Events

Pathways | A Graduate Student Panel

Date: Mar. 3

Where: Alumni House

NetApp Company Tour

Tour the NetApp Campus!

Professional Sunday

Date: Apr. 28

Where: Haas School of Business
Chou Hall Room N100

Professional Development Day

Improve Your Professional Skills.

Gilead Panel

Talk to professionals from Gilead!


Network with Filipinos in tech from all over the Silicon Valley!

Alumni Mixer

Network with professionals at our Alumni Mixer!

Social Events

Pas'Movie Night

Come and De-Stress

PAS' Glade and Chill

Come chill on the glade with us!